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worship, teaching, testimony, prayer 

led by Fr Matt Anscombe & Caroline Sadd

Come join us for a special event at St Bonaventure's Church, Bristol where Fr Matt Anscombe and Caroline Sadd will share their insights into living a life filled with the Holy Spirit. This in-person event will be filled with uplifting worship, inspiring teaching and testimonies, and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and prayer for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


For those younger members of our families there will be separate groups where they can experience fun and friendship! Don't miss out on this chance to encounter something truly unique and uplifting. See you there!


Fr Matt Anscombe

I said, 'I feel the Holy Spirit is guiding me' and then BANG! I was utterly filled from within with some indescribable power and consolation. I met Jesus. He became absolutely real to me.

Through personal testimony, Fr Matt Anscombe shares his experience of coming to know Jesus as Lord through baptism in the Holy Spirit. He also considers the action of the Holy Spirit and the difference the Holy Spirit makes through reflection on his own journey. He urges us to be open to a fresh outpouring and further release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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If there is a problem linking to the publisher's website, please call them on 01582 571011

I’ll happily be recommending Don't Forget the Holy Spirit to everyone who wants to grow in their relationship with the Father, with Jesus, and of course particularly with the Holy Spirit. It's a brilliant book! I don't remember ever reading a book from cover to cover without a break. But this one is very special and clearly totally inspired by the Holy Spirit and the author’s personal experience."

― Charles Whitehead KSG ―

Former President of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (taken from his Foreword)


"Fr Matt entitles his book, Don't Forget the Holy Spirit. He has certainly not done so. He tells how the Holy Spirit enthused him and guided him in his discipleship and continues to do so in his priestly ministry. The Spirit empowers the whole Church for mission and daily renews the face of the earth. Like Mary, we need to allow ourselves to be overshadowed by the power of the Most High."

 ― Rt Rev Declan Lang ―

Bishop of Clifton

"This book is a timely reminder of the importance of the Holy Spirit in our journey through life. Fr Matt’s personal testimony shows how being open to the creative power of the Third Person of the Trinity can be life changing. Listening attentively requires humility and the time to sit and contemplate. Fr Matt is clear that this call to listen to the Holy Spirit is for all of us, clergy and laity.  I sincerely hope that his recommendations for seminarian formation are listened to and implemented. The helpful questions at the end of each chapter makes it an ideal book to read with others and to share our own experiences. This book is recommended reading to all who are seeking a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit."

― Ann Tarr ―

Clifton Diocese Charismatic Renewal Team

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