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Hi! I’m Fr Matt,

Author of 'Don't Forget the Holy Spirit'

I am a priest of Clifton Diocese, which serves parts of South West England. I was ordained in 2010 and have served in several parishes. I have always had a passion for mission and have been a supporter of Catholic Charismatic Renewal for many years, as you'll discover from my book. I am currently parish priest of the South Bristol Mission Area, a family of four parishes.

Hi! I’m Caroline,

Outreach Worker

I work with Fr Matt, as Parish Outreach Worker for the South Bristol Mission Area, and my role focuses on parish outreach and evangelisation. It was through my own personal experience of the Holy Spirit that I truly encountered Christ and first felt God's call to serve. Sharing a similar vision and passion for evangelisation, Fr Matt and I have worked on several projects together and strive to never forget the Holy Spirit in our work together.

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